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Fall 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
8/29 Jonas Almeida University of Alabama-Birminham, Department of Pathology Data driven modeling that will travel to where the data is Yi Jiang
9/12 Chris Roger Auburn University Amalgamations and Hamilton Decompositions Guantao Chen
09/19 Ying Xu University of Georgia "Elucidation of Cancer Mechanisms through Data Mining: an introduction to a new evolutionary framework to study cancer" Yi Jiang
09/26 Jim Nagy Emory University Breast Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction: Mathematical Models and Computational Methods Xiaojing Ye
10/03 Maia Marcheva University of Florida Seasonality of Avian Influenza H5N1 Alexandra Smirnova
10/10 Kresimir Josica University of Houston Near-optimal decoding of transient stimuli from coupled neuronal subpopulations Igor Belykh
10/24 Xin Qi GSU

Restricted local polynomial fitting and parameter estimation in ODE and PDE systems

Yi Jiang

10/31 Yufei Zhao MIT A century of progress on arithmetic progressions Yi Zhao
11/07 Jiming Jiang
UC Davis

Consistency of MLE in GLMM: Answer to an Open Problem and Beyond

Yichuan Zhao
11/14 Anton Leykin
Florian Enescu
11/21 Yanqing Zhang
GSU Yi Jiang
11/28 Thanksgiving Break
12/05 Glenn Webb
Vanderbilt University Yi Jiang

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
1/24 Tianming Liu University of Georgia, Computer Science Computational Representation of Cortical Architecture and its Application in Brain Disorders Yi Jiang
1/31 Tianwei Yu Emory Biostatistics Detecting nonlinear associations in high-throughput data with applications in missing value imputation and clustering Yi Jiang
2/7 Long Qi Emory, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Handling missing data in the presence of high-dimensional data Yi Jiang
2/14 Tin-Yau Tam Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University Recent matrix asymptotic results and their generalizations Zhongshan LI
2/21 Brani Vidakovic Georgia Tech, Department of Biomedical Engineering Denoising by Bayesian Modeling in the Domain of DiscreteScale Mixing 2D Complex Wavelet Transforms Yi JIang
2/28 Gary Weiss (Bakonyi Memorial Lecture) University of Cincinnati, Department of Mathematics The Hidden Order: Sequence Majorization And Its Operator Theory Impacts Florian Enescu
3/7 Yuri Bakhtin School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology Burgers equation with random forcing in noncompact setting Igor Berykh
3/14 Jiajia Zhang University of South Carolina Kernel Smoothed Profile Likelihood Estimation in the Accelerated Failure Time Frailty Model for Clustered Survival Data Yichuan Zhao
3/28 Ye Shen
Two-Stage Conditional Estimating Equation Approach for Event Data with Sparsely Measured Longitudinal Information Gengsheng Qin
4/4 Bridget Wilson University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, Department of Pathology Dynamics of Receptors on the Plasma Membrane Landscape Yi Jiang
4/11 Mukesh Dhamala Georgia State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy Brain Network Oscillations in Functions and Dysfunctions Yi Jiang
4/18 Francesco Sorrentino Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Stability of synchronized patterns and adaptation in networks of coupled oscillators Igor Berykh
4/25 Lai-Sang Young
(Distinguished Lecture)
New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science Measuring dynamical complexity Igor Berykh
4/29 Genghua Fan

Fuzhou University Fulkerson Conjecture and Hypohamiltonian Graphs Guantao Chen
5/2 Martin Klein Center for Statistical Research and Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau Likelihood-Based Finite Sample Inference for Synthetic Data Based on Normal and Linear Regression Models Gengsheng Qin