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What we are

The Mathematics Assistance Complex (MAC) is a walk-in tutoring center. Students taking any of the following courses are welcome to study and/or receive assistance in MAC. At MAC:

  • Tutoring is available for your math and statistics classes.
  • Computers are available for Excel projects and online assignments.
  • Textbooks and instructor solution manuals are available for some courses.


Location and Hours

MAC is located at GSU Sports Arena, Room 110 (Tel: 404-413-6462) at 125 Decatur Street. MAC opens from the official GSU full-semester class begin date to end date in Fall/Spring (check these dates on university calendar) for:

  • Monday 9:00AM — 7:00PM
  • Tuesday 9:00AM — 7:00PM
  • Wednesday 9:00AM — 7:00PM
  • Thursday 9:00AM — 7:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM — 4:00PM


Course supported

MATH Course Name
0999 Support for College Algebra*
1101 Mathematical Modeling
1111 College Algebra
1113 Precalculus
1220 Survey of Calculus
2008 Foundations of Numbers and Operations
2201 Calculus for Life Sciences I
2202 Calculus for Life Sciences II
2211 Calculus of One Variable I
2212 Calculus of One Variable II
2215 Multivariate Calculus
2420 Discrete Mathematics
3030 Mathematical Models for Computer Science**
3050/7050 Geometry and Spatial Sense
3070/7070 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
3090/7090 Algebraic Concepts***
4547/6547 Introduction to Statistical Methods
4751/6751 Mathematical Statistics I

* Online Section only.
** Only with reviewing 1st and 2nd year mathematics or statistics.
*** Task from the book are often assigned to be handed in for a grade and hence are excluded in MAC.


  • Mrs. Sutandra Sarkar (
  • Mr. Martin Crowe (


Helpful Links

Math Tutorials

  • PatrickJMT — This is a YouTube channel which many students turn to for help in math. Many concepts are covered in this collection of short videos.
  • Khan Academy — This website is extremely helpful for all levels of math and numerous other subjects.
  • Hippo Campus — Contains comprehensive lessons on Calculus, Statistics, Algebra and Geometry
  • Paul’s Online Math Notes — Provides topic-oriented help with calculus

Study Tips, Math Anxiety, etc…

  • Practical Study Strategies — From the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Sheila Tobias’ Math Anxiety Page — Although it’s mostly an advertisement for her books, it does include detailed summaries of each chapter of her books Overcoming Math Anxiety, Breaking the Science Barrier, and Succeed with Math, as well as some frequently asked questions about math anxiety.

General Math Help

  • Mathforum is a wonderful forum for asking math questions.
  • SOS Math — Class notes and examples for algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, complex variables, matrix algebra.
  • Web Math — A combination of online calculators and refresher lessons on how to do things like find a sale price, slope/intercept, etc.
  • PurpleMath — A variety of lessons by by Elizabeth Stapel of Western International University, Phoenix. There are many good topics which are well done.